Simple Solutions

Simple Solutions for Credentialing

Simple Solutions is our physician credentialing service that assists individual physicians as well as larger group practices in navigating the credentialing process required by health plans, provider networks, and hospitals for participation.


Our credentialing services can help by:

  • Completing your credentialing applications for health plans/networks and hospitals (we integrate the use of the CAQH system when applicable)
  • Maintaining and distributing all pertinent credentialing documents such as DEA certificate, Medical Licenses, Board Certifications, Malpractice Insurance face sheets, and CMEs
  • Monitoring for expiration of any pertinent credentialing documents and renewing as appropriate
  • Functioning as the liaison between you and the health plans/networks and hospitals in the credentialing/re-credentialing process


For more information about our Credentialing Services, please contact us at:

(757) 562-4664 ext.402

PO Box 494

Franklin, VA 23851