Maternity Management


Healthy babies, healthy mothers, and a healthy bottom line for health plans are the focus of our Maternity Management Program.  Realizing that premature and low birth weight babies can be very costly, our prenatal program offers assessments, education, and support from pregnancy to delivery.   According to the March of Dimes the average medical cost for a healthy, full-term baby from birth through the first year is $5,085, of which $4,389 is paid by employer health plans.  For premature and/or low birth weight babies (less than 37 weeks gestation and/or less than 5 lbs.), the average cost is $55,393, of which $54,149 is paid by the health plan.  Collaboratively, our experienced case managers work with expectant mothers and their healthcare providers to reduce the incidence of premature births and low birth weight babies.  Identification and monitoring of at-risk mothers is key to maximizing healthy pregnancies and deliveries while minimizing the cost. When a pregnant woman reaches the optimum level of prenatal health, everyone benefits.



Our Maternity Program has an overall average satisfaction rating of 99% from program participants since issuing annual satisfaction surveys in 2004.  We value feedback from participants and make appropriate changes to our program that reflect relevant issues and current healthcare trends.  An example is providing the national best seller, “What to Expect When You Are Expecting”, to participants at no cost to them.



what the Moms are saying about us:

“I cannot express how grateful I am to have had this service. My case manager was great at answering all my questions!”

“The case managers were very helpful. I couldn’t have gotten through this without them.”

“My case manager was amazing and extremely helpful.”

“I looked forward to my case manager’s phone calls. Thanks!”