Case Management


When you need it, Case Management is a powerful tool available to support members and their families as they navigate the health care system. Case Management supports the most costly segment of members- those experiencing immediate and ongoing medical conditions or injuries that may require complex, high intensity, long-term and/or high utilization of services.  Members and their families appreciate the assistance of a Case Manager to help them figure out the complicated health care system and help them obtain the information needed to make informed health care decisions.  Here at Mid-Atlantic Health Solutions, our telephonic Case Management Program is comprised of an experienced and dedicated team of licensed Registered Nurses (RN) holding master’s or bachelor’s degrees in nursing or designation as certified case manager (CCM).

Our Case Management Solutions include but are not limited to members with the following conditions or receiving the following treatments:

  • Cancer
  • Transplant
  • Recent hospitalizations for complex care
  • Frequent hospitalization
  • Premature birth
  • Birth defects
  • Head injury and spinal cord injury
  • Strokes and cardiac conditions
  • Burns
  • Complex chronic conditions